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The humble forklift is at home in a lot of different contexts. From stocking warehouses to moving services, they’re an essential component of many movers and shakers. One industry they really shine in? Construction.

Forklifts in construction in NZ play a vital role in keeping things moving. Sites are fast-moving places, and having a nimble piece of machinery that doubles as a tough and sturdy workhorse is a massive benefit.

In today’s blog post, we’re diving deeper into the role forklifts play in construction logistics NZ-wide. We’re even reviewing some of our specialist solutions to help connect you with the right solution for your needs.

How Do Forklifts Contribute to Construction Logistics?

The need to transport raw materials is at the heart of a construction site. From wood to gib, from steel to brick, things are constantly shifting back and forth. While they’re a necessity on construction sites, it pays to look at choosing your material handling solutions (MHS) as more than something you have to do.

Rather, it’s an opportunity to inject some serious efficiency into your daily operations. Targeted material handling solutions drive better timelines and enhance cost savings, making them well worth the upfront investment.

Of all the options out there, forklifts offer a unique solution because they’re designed to manoeuvre through tight spaces with large loads.

With capacity grading up to 25 tonnes and vertical reaches of up to 15 metres, our forklifts are also incredibly versatile. Applicable at all stages of a construction project, this type of MHS pays for itself over and over again in on-site efficiencies. From simple storage to nimble and quick shifting of essential materials, the forklift is on your side no matter what’s on the day’s agenda.

On top of that, forklifts designed for construction are equipped with features like load stability and operator safety cages to reduce the risk of injury.

MHS Construction Solutions to Consider

H3: Counterbalance Forklifts

There’s no better solution for building supply yards than the right counterbalance forklift. Designed with versatility in mind, these vehicles are designed to handle both flat and uneven terrain. You can choose between three and four-wheel models to provide additional stability, ensuring they won’t overbalance or get stuck on unfinished ground.

Our range extends all the way up to 25-tonne load capacities, ensuring you can shift just about anything.

Pro-tip: to meet a construction project’s ongoing demands and challenges, we recommend over-speccing your forklift’s capacity and performance. Talk to our team about our recommendations for your specific situation, and we’ll help you re-gear your chosen forklift to maximise its performance.

Explosion Protection

For demolition purposes, we offer explosion-proof variations of our counterbalance forklifts to allow your crew to transport volatile materials over uneven terrain safely. When a project requires an initial demolition before you can technically break ground, time is of the essence. Being able to safely move volatile material efficiently is vital to keeping those project deadlines intact.

Explosion-proof material handling solutions feature conductive tyres, temperature monitoring, and antistatic fabric covers to reduce risks. Our range has several options built to different explosion-proof standards, so if you are not sure which specs are best, check in with our team about your specific needs before hitting ‘purchase’.

Pro tip: Safely manage potentially explosive material with a dedicated forklift for shifting volatile components like flammable gas, vapour, or dust. These machines are small and easy to store on-site for when they’re needed and will otherwise stay out of the way or adapt to non-volatile applications.  

Forklift Fleet Solution

Finally, what’s better than a single forklift? A fleet of them! We sell and support logistical support equipment in all shapes and sizes because we know that sometimes, you need a different machine to get the job done right.

Fleet solutions ensure you’ll always have plenty of horsepower to tackle the big jobs, but you’ll also have machinery that can tackle small spaces with aplomb. Not to mention, they’re incredibly cost-efficient when correctly planned for.

Pro tip: Evaluate your ongoing site needs and check in with your crew. How much material handling do you need to tackle on a daily basis, and are there any specialised considerations? A fleet is best built with varied options rather than relying on targeting different material handling solutions with the same application.

In summary, forklifts in construction in NZ keep sites running smoothly. Efficiency and safety are the watchwords of any construction crew worth their salt, so it’s important to select machinery that embodies those values as well as you do.

One thing’s for sure: embracing the right MHS helps ensure your crew is safe, adaptable, and efficient on-site. And if you’re unsure which of our material handling solutions is best for your crew, we’re here to help.

Never worry about construction logistics in NZ again.

Enhance your construction project’s efficiency. Contact MHS today to discover how our forklift solutions can keep your construction site moving smoothly and safely.

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