Whether you need to move chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food or recycled materials, it’s vital to safely manage potentially explosive and flammable gas, vapour and dust.

Explosion protected electric stackers and forklifts are mandatory in hazardous areas or with potentially volatile loads, to keep your team safe and your materials moving.

Alongside explosive substances, electric and IC engine forklift trucks with sparking components can cause ignition. Certified explosion protected forklifts eliminate this danger, while being efficient and ergonomic to run.

Explosion protection at a glance

  • Suitable explosion-proof versions are available for many counterbalanced trucks, reach trucks, pallet stackers and pallet trucks
  • Safety features include conductive tyres, temperature monitoring, and antistatic fabric covers
  • The models we offer are built to certified explosion proof standards to comply with various hazardous class groupings

To protect your team and warehouse from fire and explosion, our specialist sales team is ready to help.

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