Forklifts for Retail Operations

Choosing the Perfect Forklift for Retail

When it comes to retail forklift hire, Auckland businesses like you need two key things: reliability and versatility. Choosing the forklift that can offer these things in spades is the key to keeping up with your sales while minimising downtime.

After all, the success of your fulfilment pipeline depends on how well you can move your stock. That’s why we at MHS have put so much time and energy into creating a full-service solution for retail businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Ready to nail your distribution pipeline, starting with the right vehicle to handle your picking and restocking? Dive in with the team at MHS as we explore how to choose the perfect forklift for retail

What makes a forklift great for retail?

In retail, speed is the name of the game. Being able to quickly pick, pack, and distribute orders while beating the clock is what keeps businesses like yours running. 

From our years in this business, we know that the right retail forklift fleet will:

  • Suit racking heights up to 12 metres and all the way down to the floor.
  • Store easily, taking up as little space as possible in a warehouse.
  • Maximise uptime to keep up with high stock turnover.
  • Keep you and your team safe while operating it, even when you’re in a rush. 

Achieving all of this usually means creating a fleet that has a few different forklift types mixed in to keep your team as versatile as possible. With forklift hire in Auckland, you can build a flexible and dynamic fleet faster than you can say ‘Ship it!’. 

Your Retail Forklift Selection in Auckland 

Depending on your inventory and the layout of your stock warehouse, there are many different retail forklift options to choose from. We offer a wide range of solutions for hire, so let’s dive into each one in a little bit more detail. 

Counterbalance Forklifts

Counterbalance forklifts are the most traditional silhouette of a forklift, but they’re also incredibly versatile. Designed with two sturdy front forks, this kind of truck allows you to get as close as possible to a heavy load before lifting. 

These machines get their name from the counterweight housed at the back of the forklift, designed to balance heavy loads on the front and improve safety, speed, and handling. This might be the truck for you if you have a larger warehouse with both indoor and outdoor spaces.  

Reach Trucks

For warehouses stacked high with aisles, reach trucks are a great solution to keep things moving. These are forklifts designed to travel at a right angle to a rack, allowing you to speedily track through narrow racks. Your crew will be able to lift up to 2500kg to 15 metres high with this versatile piece of equipment. 

One of the best parts of a high-spec reach truck is the built-in assistance system. Rather than eyeballing the same rack every time, you can pre-select automatic lift heights on the digital display to expedite picking or restocking. 

Order Pickers

In warehouses with operators needing to pick single items out of pallets rather than bringing the whole thing down, order pickers are a great fit. These forklifts bring the operator to eye-level with the product, saving time and energy by reducing the need to move pallets unnecessarily.

These pickers are also very narrow, allowing you to maximise storage capacity by placing racking into very narrow aisle formations. 

Pallet Trucks

It’s like the saying goes, ‘Don’t bring a gun to a knife fight’. In other words, don’t bring a large forklift where a smaller one will do the job. These pallet trucks are a fantastic addition to any retail team, allowing workers elite manoeuvrability for shifting individual pallets. 

Featuring emergency brake switches and shock absorbers, these trucks are safe, durable, and excellent for precision control on busy days. 

Pedestrian Stackers

Finally, we have pedestrian stackers for retail warehouses that need to keep teams moving in tight spaces. These user-friendly models allow for plenty of manoeuvrability with both standard and irregular loads. 

These machines are easy to use, making it a breeze to onboard new staff members. Reach and place loads up to 6 metres high without risking injury, and this model is ideal for smaller warehouses or operations without tall aisles. 

When making your forklift selection in Auckland, it’s important to address your unique needs as much as possible. That’s why our expert team is always on deck to help, especially if you’re not sure which solution is best for your retail operation. 

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