It’s inefficient to pull a pallet down to remove a single item. An order picker may be a better option than a traditional forklift, pallet truck or rolling ladder, providing flexibility in narrow aisle warehouses, DCs, and fulfilment centres.

Designed for applications where the operator needs to be up at the same level as the inventory, order pickers optimise the efficiency of your warehouse operations.

at a glance

  • Ideal for low, mid and high-level picking, and very narrow aisle warehouses
  • Reach heights up to 15 metres, wherever other piece-picking methods are traditionally used
  • Excellent if you need to pick individual items from shelving
  • Maximise space and capacity by placing racking closer together

Order pickers are electric and powered by a choice of battery options to suit your application. Steering options include electronic guidance via underfloor wires or mechanical guidance with special profiles attached to the floor – to reduce collision and protect your racking, forklift and products.

For electric order pickers big or small, our specialist sales team is here to help.

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