Making aisles taller and narrower creates more space in the warehouse, but it does make navigation and material handling challenging.

Reach trucks are right-angle stacking trucks designed for unit load handling with racking – a great solution for storing and retrieving pallets in narrow aisles.

Reach trucks at a glance

  • Lift heights up to 15 metres and load capacities up to 2500 kg
  • Travelling either parallel or perpendicular to racking saves time and space, while increasing productivity
  • Can be configured to fit your space and application, including refrigerated warehousing, narrow aisles, long loads and truck loading/unloading
  • Load stabilisation features reduce mast swinging and increase speed efficiencies
  • Assistance systems such as optical height measurement allow automatic lift height pre-selection, and show the precise current lift height in the digital display

Reach trucks are engineered with two outer legs that distribute load weights. The reach function reduces the head length of the machine, enabling a tight turn radius and good manoeuvrability in narrow spaces.

Moving mast reach trucks have a seated position for the operator, reducing fatigue over long shifts and providing great visibility.

Pantograph mast reach trucks are ideal for handling overhanging loads and have a standing operator compartment for improved productivity during short work cycles.

For reach trucks to help you navigate tall, narrow spaces, our specialist sales team is here to help.

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