As the name suggests, pallet trucks are designed for lifting and moving pallets, in situations that don’t require vertical stacking – usually to move goods within the warehouse or around loading docks.

Whether you’re operating with or without delivery docks, you need to have good manoeuvrability, precise control and braking. Speed, ease and simplicity are paramount for safety and efficiency.

at a glance

  • A reliable, affordable material handling solution for warehouses
  • Electric pallet trucks travel at speeds of up to 15 km per hour
  • Standing platform models offer operator comfort over long distances and shifts
  • Safety features include emergency brake switches, parking brakes, horns, shock absorbers and key ignitions

Manual are the most basic, affordable, and low maintenance pallet truck option. They’re simple to operate, and almost every warehouse needs one.

Semi-electric combine manual lifting with a hand pump, combined with fully powered driving.

Fully electric have the powered driving of semi-electric models, with electrical lifting and greater load capacities of up to 3000 kg.

From manual to electric, our specialist sales team is here to help.

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