Couriers, logistics and freight companies: every second counts in your demanding, fast-paced industry, and every forklift must earn its keep with multiple shifts and intensive labour. We work with transport companies that are constantly affected by trends in other sectors, and need to stay agile.

The right forklift fleet for your transport business will:

  • Keep running costs to a minimum (with new battery technologies)
  • Handle multiple pallets at once by fitting simple attachments
  • Work reliably throughout intensive use and multiple shifts
  • Utilise space as effectively as possible

Material handling solutions for transport

Quality material handling equipment that runs reliably and keeps running costs low includes ride on counterbalance forklifts, which are available in a range of specs and sizes.

To move pallets as quickly as possible, these are usually powered by LPG, petrol or diesel – although technologies like lithium iron phosphate batteries can significantly drive down running costs, making battery electric trucks a real contender.

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