We work with business owners in construction companies of all sizes. When you’re affected by rising material and transport costs, pressure on housing, and supply chain issues, the last thing you need is a site grinding to a halt because of your forklift.

You need durable workhorses to tackle challenging environments, terrains and weather, while typically lifting heavy loads. Equipment also needs to be simple for crews to use, as you probably don’t have dedicated forklift operators onsite.

The right forklift fleet for your construction company will:

  • Be robust and durable enough to move heavy loads
  • Withstand harsh outdoor environments
  • Offer stability to handle uphill and downhill slopes safely
  • Work effectively over a mix of uneven terrains

Material handling solutions for construction

We sell and support counterbalance forklifts of all sizes, powered by LPG, petrol or diesel. To meet the dynamic demands and challenging mix of surfaces and terrains on a busy construction site, we suggest over-speccing your machines’ capacity and performance.

We consider your potential environments to determine drive train requirements before making decisions around the brand: including 4WD models, diff locking to ensure both sets of wheels drive evenly, and whether all terrain tyres are needed.

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