Third Party Logistics operators must maintain productivity, while staying agile to serve an evolving customer base. Whatever your weight or stock dimensions, we help you stack, store and move in and out of your warehouse.

The right forklift fleet for your 3PL operation will:

  • Suit your racking heights, from ground level to 12m
  • Meet urgent and evolving customer demands, stock types and load parameters
  • Utilise space as effectively as possible
  • Minimise downtime
  • Support your H&S policies and protect your team

Material handling solutions for 3PL operators

Indoor work cycles suit zero emission electric forklifts – while factoring in charge times for round the clock operations. You need robust machines that can show up for work 24/7/365 without sick days – with a mix of reach trucks, articulated forklifts or turret trucks to navigate high studs and narrow aisles. You may also need different battery technologies to suit multi-shift applications.

We offer excellent after sales support, and will answer your questions around service lifecycles, battery charge efficiency, new innovations, aisle width, and health and safety.

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