Despite huge production line investment, many manufacturers are stymied by unsuitable material handling machines. You may need bespoke attachments to work with production handling and storage, and explosion proof machinery to meet dangerous goods handling standards.

Whether you’re a line, logistics, or operations manager, we’ll help you avoid the headache and hassle of forklift downtime holding up your processes, with swift support and back up machinery when you need it.

The right forklift fleet for your manufacturing facility will:

  • Help you prepare for downtime, thanks to planned service lifecycles
  • Handle long run times across multiple shifts
  • Offer versatility with bespoke attachments or explosion proofing
  • Efficiently handle your specific loads and production processes
  • Be easy to train on and use

Material handling solutions for manufacturing

Consider ride on counterbalance forklifts of various sizes, including battery electric equipment, alongside traditional internal combustion powered machines. Long-life battery technology will handle long run times in multi shift applications. Building up your fleet through a mix of buying and leasing can help you respond to changing trends and demand.

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