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Streamlining Production with Forklifts

The Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) environment is the very definition of dynamic. No day looks the same, and every single task demands maximum efficiency. In a fast-paced sector like this, companies face constant challenges with meeting fluctuating consumer demands, reducing time to market, and minimising cost.

In other words, finding new ways to streamline production is always at the top of the priority list. One of the most fundamental ways you can do this is to ensure you have the right equipment working for you and your staff on the floor. In this post, the MHS experts will explore the keystones of FMCG efficiency. On top of that, we’ll dive deeper into our range of forklifts for FMCG to see how they measure up.

The Keystones of Efficiency in FMCG

When working in an industry so vulnerable to fluctuation from consumer demand, it’s crucial to be as efficient as possible. While no two days will be the same, processes should be, as this minimises friction and maximises the amount of goods your team can ship out in a 24-hour cycle.

There are three keystones of efficiency in Fast Moving Consumer Goods. Let’s break that down a bit further.

Effective Inventory Management

Optimising inventory levels is nothing if not a balancing act. Overstocking takes up valuable capital and warehouse space, but understocking can lead to missed sales. Just-in-time inventory practices bridge the gap here, relying on up-to-date data to define efficient reorder points and catch upswings in customer demand. On top of that, warehouses should be equipped to shift these goods as quickly and safely as possible, keeping the supply chain moving to prevent blockages.

Speed & Dynamicism

Efficiency is about speed, yes, but it’s about more than that. That speed needs to be dynamic, with adaptable processes that can shift according to the demands of the day. As much as this demands changeability from workers on the floor, it also demands the same dynamics from your machinery.

Reliability and Automation

Cutting-edge technology is pivotal in the FMCG game, allowing players to accelerate production while relying on machinery to continue functioning even on peak days. This includes the material handling solutions on the floor, which can present a significant bottleneck to fulfilment if they’re not up to scratch. If the wrong piece of machinery fails at the wrong time, with no contingency in place, that’s the day gone.

In summary, efficiently manufacturing and moving products in the FMCG lifecycle is an ROI balancing act. The amount of labour and money that goes in should produce a beneficial ratio of revenue, which ultimately relies on great people, great processes, and great machinery. At MHS, we can help with that last one.

How the Right Forklift Paves the Way

At MHS, we work closely with FMCG logistics and manufacturing who want to leverage technological innovation on the floor. We help you improve storage capacity with dynamic forklifts for FMCG that open up vertical space while ensuring you meet the premium food safety standards your brand’s reputation rests on.

When it comes to FMCG or manufacturing logistics, the right forklift should:

  •       Reduce running costs and emissions
  •       Support the automation you already have in place
  •       Improve visibility of the supply chain with fleet tracking and online reporting
  •       Minimise unexpected downtime to maximise ROI
  •       Be easy to use for all qualified workers on the floor

We offer leased fleets for companies who need to trial their machinery or tackle a peak season with contingencies ready to go. We also offer new forklifts for FMCG to buy outright, ensuring you have full control over where and when your machinery will be for the rest of its life.

For now, let’s explore some options for expanding your fleet of forklifts to withstand the pressure of peak seasons.

Reach Trucks

Our reach trucks are designed to lift loads of up to 2500kg up to 15 metres high, immediately opening up the vertical storage space in your warehouse. Travel parallel to your racking to save time and space, relying on the built-in load stabilisation features to reduce mast swinging. With a tight turn radius and an excellent load capacity, this is a must-have for FMCG warehouses that need to move fast (without breaking things).

Pedestrian Stackers

A staple of any FMCG distribution network, the pedestrian stacker enables individual workers to move up to 2000kg across the floor. Able to get through tight spaces and stack up to heights of 6 metres, this piece of machinery plugs essential gaps in the efficiency of your processes.

Narrow Aisle

Looking to improve your pallet storage density even further? Maximise vertical and horizontal space with our selection of narrow aisle forklifts. Designed to articulate or pivot the forks at up to 16 metres, these forklifts for FMCG have maximum manoeuvrability in aisles as narrow as 1.5 metres across. Suitable for interior and exterior surfaces, these forklifts will revolutionise how you store and move FMCG goods.

From new forklifts to fleets of rental forklifts, MHS does it all. Ultimately, we’re on your side when it comes to staying on top of the dynamic world of FMCG fulfilment and manufacturing. Ready to embrace the future of materials handling?

Pick up the pace with forklifts for FMCG from MHS.

Conquer busy production days with the right materials handling solutions on your side. Ready to start building your fleet? Contact us to explore our full range of forklifts for FMCG for yourself.

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